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Pokemon Vortex For Dummies

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Pokemon Vortex For Dummies
This Tutorial will Teach everything about everything for the beginners on Pokemon Vortex.


1. Dashboard
Awesome! You just Registered for Pokemon Vortex! You're Ready to become the Pokemon master! But, wait what is this? What's all this stuff on this screen?
You will see this after you have logged into your Vortex Account:
Posted Image
A. Basic Dashboard area
This is your Dashboard, the place where you can get information about event happening or and other news from the admins.

On the Top right outlined in Red you will see Welcome [YOURUSERNAME] this is a greeting.
Below is a link to the maps that you can go on to find pokemon, we will continue with that later. Below that is your messages, you can send and receive messages from different players.

Outlined in Green is The Announcement and Feature area. When you're a new member you should make a secret question and answer which is linked at the top. Below the Secret Question and answer is The Pokemon Vortex Twitter Feed which will announce any
Event happening on the site. Including Weekly lottery winners, Events (Win pokemon from battling trainers) and other Awesome things. Below the Twitter Feed in the Features of the new version, usually added things or fixed bugs.


2. Top Tabs
Now that you know the Dashboard you have to know about the tabs. Tabs are the Round Rectangular buttons on the top and left side of the screen they navigate you through the game.
Starting with the top.
Posted Image
Just hover your mouse over the tabs and they will drop down links to pages.
Starting From Left to Right (>>>>)
Hover you mouse over the Tab "Maps" and you will see:
Posted Image
These are all the Maps you can go on on the game Each Map has different Pokemon to catch.
Leaf Pokemon on the Grass map and Fire pokemon on the Lava map are just a few.
Just click on a map you want to go on.
In this Tab you can:

Battle in a Gym
Battle your favorite Gym Leaders from Pokemon!
Posted Image
Side quests
Battle Trainers as you try to become The Pokemon Master!
Battle Frontier
Battle your favorite Battle Frontier Trainers!
Get an awesome Prize when you defeat all the trainers during an Event!
Battle any Member Controlled by a Computer.
Battle anyone Computer Controlled!

Your Account:
Posted Image

1. Your Pokemon Team
Goes to your pokemon team, the pokemon you can attack other pokemon with, you start with one but you can have up to six on your team total.
2. View All Your Pokemon
All you pokemon, you can have more than six pokemon, but you can't attack with all of them.
3. Trade Pokemon
Trade your pokemon for others.
4. Pokemart
Get items, buy pokemon, and join in on the Lottery.
5. View/Edit Your Profile
View your Profile, and Edit it.
6. Messages
Pokemon Vortex email! Send and receive messages from others.
7. Your Dashboard
Sends you back to the starting page.

Posted Image

Pokemon Vortex Chat
Talk to other trainers on an irc chat.
Pokemon Vortex Forums
The best place for advice, knowledge, and meeting friends.
Pokemon Vortex Facebook
The official Facebook of Pokemon Vortex!
Pokemon Vortex Twitter
The official Twitter of Pokemon Vortex!

3. Left Tabs
Starting From Top to Bottom.

Posted Image
This is where you can see which pokemon you have caught. as you can see the Pokeball means you have the pokemon if its dulled out you don't have it.

Posted Image
Check out all the online members and battle, Message, or Trade with them.

Change your setting on this tab.
Posted Image
Show members on map?
Change whether or not you see other user's avatars on the map you are on. Default is yes.
Allow Messages?
Choose whether or not you receive messages. Default is on.
Show New message notifications?
Have a pop-up when you get a message or not. Default is on.
Change Layout
The Blue or Red Layout. Default is Blue.
Edit Profile
Edit your Profile.
Reset Sidequests
Go back to the beginning of the sidequest.

Profile Layout
Posted Image
This is your Profile, you can change everything about your prfile here.

Outlined in Green
This Area shows the Sprite you have on, the email information, Win Loss Ratio, Points, Unique Pokemon, Average Experience, Money, Date Registered, and your Comment.

All this can be edited by clicking "Edit your profile" (Directly under Your Profile)

Outlined in Red
These are the Gyms you have defeated you have to Defeat ALL Gyms, Elite Four, and Frontiers to catch Legendary Pokemon.

Outlined in Blue
Events and Achievement:
This shows all the Events you have won and Achievements you have gottan, some Achievements you will get will be: 100 Uniques, 1000 points, Defeat all Gyms and Elite Four,etc.


Your Pokemon Team
Posted Image
Highlighted in Green
Click this link to change your team, all you have to do when you're on the page is click All your Pokemon, pick the pokemon you wanna switch and press ok.

Highlighted in Red
This is the Pokemon Sprite and Name area.

Highlighted in Blue/Purple
This is the Level of the Pokemon, the cap is 100.

Highlighted in Yellow
This is the Experience, every 500 "Exp" the pokemon levels up, at level 100 the exp is 50,000, the exp can go up but not the level.

Highlighted in Light Blue
These are the Attacks of the Pokemon also known as the moves, these can be changed by pressing "Change Attacks in the Pink Highlighted area.

Highlighted in Pink
These are the options for the pokemon
You can Changes the attack, Evolve (If possible) or Move up or Down on the Team list.


Map Layout
Posted Image
Outlined in Green

This is the map, you are the sprite that is outlined in Yellow
Move around in till you encounter a pokemon (outlined in [b]blue

Outlined in Red

This is your Navigation click the Arrows to move around the map (outlined in Green)

Outlined in Blue

This is the encountering area, if you have encountered a Pokemon it will show up here, you can encounter Normal, Shiny, Mystic, Ancient, or Dark Pokemon varying in Level. You can Encounter Legends after you defeat the Gyms, Elite Four and the Frontiers.

To go into more depth of finding and catching go to Chris's Tutorial: How to catch Pokemon
Also Patrick's Pokemon Locations Guide

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